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Obama Doctrine, Post-Qadafi Regime & Nepal

(This article can also be found on After almost a week and a half of the start of U.S.-led air campaign against Libya to enforce UN-authorized no-fly zone, president Obama has outlined American goals and strategy. Though belated his … Continue reading

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Stabilizing Libya

The Libyan intervention labeled as president Obama’s first war may not end soon. Regardless of this advocates of this intervention should start planning for Libya’s reconstruction in post-Qaddafi period. Although Qaddafi’s removal is not mandated by UN resolution 1973, it … Continue reading

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UN Charter & R2P in Libyan Crisis

Described as President Obama’s first war albeit he has inherited two prolonged wars, in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Libyan intervention has invited more challenges than resolving them including the protection of civilians, which forms the core objective of UN Security … Continue reading

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Libyan Crisis & Intervention Debate

[This article was posted on on 03/16/2011] Ever since the emergence of the current crisis in Libya the debate whether international intervention is justified even without authorization from the UN Security Council has assumed renewed attraction. Those adhering to … Continue reading

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Nepal & UNPKOS ; Tension between Expectations and Resources

[This article was posted on The Rising Nepal on 03/16/2011] Pioneered as far back in 1948 with the modest objective of monitoring Armistice Agreement that ended the first Arab-Israeli war, UN Peacekeeping Operations have been in vogue for more … Continue reading

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