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Trade Concerns of LDCs

At last the World Trade Organization (WTO) in its ninth ministerial conference at Bali, Indonesia could claim some success, which is facing the erosion of its credibility against its failure to produce any significant trade deal since it was formally established … Continue reading

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Sensitive But Neglected

Some of the public offices are seen less important in public eyes than others which seem more focused on issues that are of least public concerns. In fact a few offices, which are shouldering responsibilities related to the daily lives … Continue reading

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Obama Doctrine, Post-Qadafi Regime & Nepal

(This article can also be found on After almost a week and a half of the start of U.S.-led air campaign against Libya to enforce UN-authorized no-fly zone, president Obama has outlined American goals and strategy. Though belated his … Continue reading

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Japan’s Nuclear Accident: Implications for Nepal and Beyond

[This article was published on on 03/23/2011] Perhaps Japan’s nuclear disaster of March 11, 2011 is only second to Chernobyl nuclear accident of 25 April, 1985 in terms of radioactive fallout. As radiation effects are demonstrated even after thousands … Continue reading

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Nepal & UNPKOS ; Tension between Expectations and Resources

[This article was posted on The Rising Nepal on 03/16/2011] Pioneered as far back in 1948 with the modest objective of monitoring Armistice Agreement that ended the first Arab-Israeli war, UN Peacekeeping Operations have been in vogue for more … Continue reading

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