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Humanitarianism Without Military Action

  As exemplified by the Libyan case resulting in the killing of the country’s leader Muammar al-Qaddafi, an intense debate has reemerged whether war is justifiable to make peace. In the aftermath of NATO-led and UN-authorized use of force to … Continue reading

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Refocus on Negotiations to Resolve Israeli-Palestinian Impasse

Though not unexpected the Palestinian request for statehood has been decided at the UN. The chapter of membership application submitted by the President of the Palestinian Authority (PA) is closed now. The Palestinians are supposedly not disheartened by this latest … Continue reading

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Is Iran Employing Nuclear Hedging?

  The latest report of the Director-General of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on Iran’s nuclear program released on 8 November, 2011 reveals astonishing results on the subject. Given the fact that peaceful intentions of Iranian nuclear program have not … Continue reading

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Energy Needs and Environmental Constraints

  As countries grow economically their need for energy consumption shoots up. Energy is an essence of today’s civilization. With society’s progress increases the requirement of power and empirically more developed countries are the largest consumers of energy. With heavy … Continue reading

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