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India’s Quest for Global Ascent & U.S.

Growing bonhomie in Indo-U.S. relations will bolster India’s aspirations for global leadership. The true transformation in bilateral relationship of the two countries occurred in early 1990s when India implemented massive economic reforms. The Clinton administration started the cultivation of strategic … Continue reading

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Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, India & Region

(This article can also be found on Following the controversial conclusion of Indo-U.S. Nuclear Cooperation Agreement in 2008, the Obama administration has revised its policy of exporting dual-use goods to India. This policy which removes India’s long-standing status as … Continue reading

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Climate Change, Food Security & Nepal

Climate change has been responsible for causing colossal damage to social and economic development of the countries. Among them the developing and particularly the least developed countries are more vulnerable to climate change. One of the most visible impact of … Continue reading

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Increasing Polarization in Syria

Syria is facing growing protests as part of a broader Arab demand for democracy. The Syrians have now been demanding a change of regime that has ruled their country for more than 40 years. Uniquely, Syria has been under the … Continue reading

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Operation Odyssey Dawn Reveals Deep Discomfort

Within a month of the start of humanitarian intervention in Libya, deep discomfort is clearly apparent among the coalition partners. Difference has surfaced between the U.S. and other NATO members about the approach to resolve the crisis. The leadership of … Continue reading

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Post-Intervention Libya Mission & Nepal

(This article can also be found on The protests against the regime of Colonel Qaddafi have not subsided. These protests are also a part of broader pro-democracy movement spreading in North Africa and the Middle East. Whereas the long-standing … Continue reading

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Credibility of Global Nuclear Treaty at Risk

Following the controversial conclusion of U.S.-India Nuclear Cooperation Agreement, the Obama administration has taken another step of revising its policy of exporting dual-use goods to India. This policy which removes India’s long-standing status as a country of concern on sensitive … Continue reading

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Mubarak Is Gone But Uncertainty Looms

In taking stock of 2011 revolutions in the Middle East, Marc Lynch of George Washington University has  observed that “the greatest structural change in the region is empowerment of Arab publics”. The people power in Egypt has swept the dictator … Continue reading

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Post-Disaster Japan & Neighbors

The disaster of Japan is likely to yield positive change in her relationship with foreign countries particularly China, South Korea and Russia. The March 11 tragedy triggered by 9.0 magnitude earthquake and resultant tsunami is now estimated to cost more … Continue reading

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International Credibility on Decline

( This article can also be found on ) A very short experience with political pluralism in Nepal has made our peaceful transition so difficult. There are brief moments when Nepal could enjoy democratic freedom. The foremost was in … Continue reading

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